Enjoy the World Famous Grassholes

Something you’ve done lately went really well, because you’ve found yourself here at the home of the World Famous Grassholes, the best little bluegrass band in Maine for making sure you have a really good time. Take a look around, enjoy our music, look at our pictures — heck, maybe even learn one of our tunes. You’ll be happy you did.


This is bluegrass, straight up, but not that old fogey kind. This is high energy, good for dancing, and meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. Part of a long legacy of performers that goes back to 2000, the Grassholes currently feature Heather Kahill on fiddle, Merrill Marsh and Sam Pfeifle on guitars, Flann O’Brien on the stand-up bass, and Field Rider on Banjo and harmonica. Everybody sings a bit here and there, whether you like it or not.

Currently, we’re hot to get people to hear the new record, “Gently Used,” released in the spring of 2023. If you’d like to hear a bit about it and a few songs, this radio program does a nice job:

Looking forward to Summer 2023, we Grassholes are psyched to introduce you to our new songs and to play a whole bunch of bluegrass wherever you’ll have us. Make sure to catch one of our public shows before summer’s end!

We’ll see you from behind the mic.