Look at these Grassholes

Hey folks, we thought we’d post some of our favorite band photos here. Use them if you’d like to help advance one of our shows. Or simply gaze at them longingly – we won’t judge.

Socially distant rehearsing.

Grassholes at Aura

Can you guess what venue we were playing in?

York sure knows how to put up a gazebo.

Boy, howdy, that’s a good looking band.

This one might be a legit band photo if you need some room in the upper left corner for some text.

At Flatbread in Portland. Our home away from home.

Grassholes in Dublin

A big thanks for a rocking night at the East Side Tavern in Dublin, Ireland.

A great night with the Poland Spring Preservation Society in the summer of 2017.

Hey, Sam, get off your stupid phone.

We sure do like it when people buy us a round of beers.

Sometimes friends join us, and then it’s more like the Grassholes bluegrass orchestra.

Find us on Thursday nights in Summer at the corner of Wharf and Moulton in Portland. It’s our corner. Seriously.