What do these Grassholes sound like?


It’s out! The Grassholes’ brand-new record, “South Congress,” is now available in physical CD and through all digital download and streaming services.

What’s the best way to listen? Hey, that’s up to you. But we’re streaming and selling hard copies of “South Congress” on Bandcamp, especially, because they are the best at treating little indie artists like us right. What’s Bandcamp? It’s the best way for independent artists to monetize their music, which you don’t really care about, but we do. It ensures the most of your money goes into our pockets when you buy our music.

Check it out:

But, should you want to, of course you can rock us on Spotify, Apple, or wherever music happens to be. Heck, even Amazon, even though they’re evil and we dislike that company intensely.

The Grassholes’ second record, “The First Time You Got Scared,” is also available on all your favorite streaming platforms, and for download, should you want to go in that direction.

Check it out here on Spotify:

The First Time You Got Scared

Maybe you’re more of an Amazon person? You can buy the record right here.

Or perhaps you’re the type who likes them some Apple Music (or iTunes – whatever it’s called now). You’ll find your happy place here.

Holy smokes! It’s also true that the World Famous Grassholes’ debut EP, “The Outlaw Janey Jenkins,” is available at many of your favorite places to buy and listen to music, with more coming online every day.

(And, no, we don’t know why they’ve given us an “explicit” tag in some places. We don’t swear, like, ever. We especially enjoy the fact that “West Gray Gallop,” an instrumental piece written by Sam about his hometown with no actual words, has been flagged for explicit lyrics. Seems strange!)


The Outlaw Janey Jenkins

Amazon: buy the record right here.

Apple: find your happy place here.

And, like, Pandora? Is that still a thing? We’re not on there, apparently, but we might be at some point in the near future.

There is some chance we’ll have physical things like CD at some point, too, but it’s kinda doubtful. Seems like a pain in the ass.