Grassholes Return to Touring!

Fully vaccinated and ready to rock and roll, Maine’s premiere bluegrass band, the World Famous Grassholes, return to touring this summer, with their second ever Gazebo Tour of Maine, plus their first ever visit to the iconic Somerset Abbey in Madison, Maine.

As their first stop, the Grassholes will follow country legend David Mallett by gracing the gazebo on the Andover town lawn as part of the Andover Summer Concert Series, on July 2. As their first public performance since their album-release event in October of 2020, this show promises to be a hum-dinger, full of new material and re-arranged hits based on a full winter of tight rehearsals.

Then, on July 9, the Grassholes come to Madison where Somerset Abbey awaits them. One of the finest venues in Central Maine, Somerset Abbey offers great food, great beer, and some of the hottest acts touring through Maine, including the Mallett Brothers Band and the Shadow Riders. Make sure to get tickets ahead of time.

From there, the Grassholes hit Windham’s Dundee Park on July 21, Ellis Park in York on July 29, and the Gorham Gazebo on August 3.

Finally, the summer’s grand finale will be at the Poland Spring Resort, traditionally the biggest show of the summer for the World Famous Grassholes, where hundreds regularly turn out to hear hot bluegrass in front of cool sunsets. Put it on your calendar now!

Grassholes join Old Eleven, Miners Creek for WMPG Bluegrass Spectacular

After a one-year hiatus, the World Famous Grassholes return to the WMPG Bluegrass Spectacular on December 9, joined by Old Eleven and Miners Creek, who’ll both be making their Spectacular debuts.

“It’s so great to be back at the Spectacular,” said Grassholes guitarist Sam Pfeifle. “Last year, I had a stupid job that made participating impossible. I have now remedied that situation.”

The Grassholes were part of the first 16 years of the event, as it moved from the St. Lawrence Church to the Barn at Flanagan Farm to One Longfellow, and recorded a live album in 2003 as part of the event, though only a scant few copies remain. Now, the band are excited to welcome Old Eleven and Miners Creek to the fold.

Old Eleven features a cast of veterans, including guitarist Lincoln Meyers, who played the Spectacular with New England Bluegrass Band, and mandolinist Taylor Smith, who once played as part of Cumberland Crossing. Miners Creek hail from the Midcoast and released their third album, All Stoved Up, in 2018. Now they are part of a collection of bands — including Jerks of Grass, the Tricky Britches, Intergalactic Yurt Band, Flight 317, Cumberland Crossing, New England Bluegrass Band, Al Hawkes, Red-Eyed Fox, Tumbling Bones — and probably some others no one can remember.

“It’s always a really special night,” said Pfeifle. “Everyone’s donating their time, everyone’s psyched to listen to some bluegrass, and that makes everyone really play their hearts out. Plus, it really sounds great for acoustic music in One Longfellow. You can hear every note — which can be a bit scary!”

“We appreciate MGM’s accommodation of the band’s participation in this WMPG benefit concert,” said Grassholes banjo player Field Rider. “European tour schedule changes will be posted soon.”

“We also appreciate Sam’s stupid job for firing him,” noted Merrill Marsh, Grassholes guitarist.

All proceeds from the show — $12 in advance, $15 at the door — go to WMPG, a true gem of a community radio station, which provides air play and attention to so many genres outside of the mainstream.

Want to come? Get tix here: I really like bluegrass and having fun.