How about some Grassholes swag?

What’s the next best thing to being a World Famous Grasshole? Wearing World Famous Grassholes swag, so that everyone knows you’re in the club. Like, an honorary Grasshole, sorta. But you don’t get a membership card or anything, so don’t get excited.

Also, we’re not going to do “e-commerce” or anything (at least not right now) because that seems hard, so if you want swag, you gotta come to a show. Or go to Sam’s house or something. But don’t do that without asking first. He’s not particularly friendly.

Hats! You can have one for $20. [NOTE: We just sold the last hat. Need more hats.]

Patches! These are $10.

We know what you’re thinking: “Hey, it’s doesn’t say “World Famous” on the logos here. Are you guys really world famous?!?”

The answer is: Yes, obviously, but the patch guys were like, “The ‘world famous’ part is going to look shitty all small like that on the patch. Can we take it off?” And so we deferred to their judgment.