How to play: “Janey”

The title track off The Outlaw Janey Jenkins, this was the first World Famous Grassholes song, written in 2003, just before birth of Sam’s first kid. It contains all his hopes and dreams for his daughter’s future. Or something like that.

Note that it’s important to start the song with a banjo “doo-doo-doo-doodle-doodle-doo” and then a bass “bum-bum-bum” walk up to the D. Very important. Like, you can’t play the song without it. Seriously.

Verse: D D C G (for as long as you’d like)

Chorus: A G A D A G A C/G

Verse 1

D                                                            C                      G
Janey cut a switchback down the steep mountainside

D                                C                 G
Faster to drive her car into town

D                                                C                      G
Asked about her methods, Janey up and lied

D                                                C                      G
Said I swear to God, those trees just fell down


A                        G
Jane, oh she’s an outlaw

A                  D
Jane, she’s such a catch, yeah

A                             G
Jane, yeah she’s an outlaw

A                   C                     G
And, Jane, she’s coming home to you

Verse 2
D                                                            C                             G
Now Janey she’s a looker, so you know that no one cared

D                                                            C                             G
If she’d a been an ugly girl they’d thrown her straight in jail

D                                                                          C                        G
But she’s the cutest thing you’ll see, the boys all stop and stare

D                                                              C                      G
They put her picture in a frame and hang it on a nail


Verse 3
D                                                            C                   G
Janey drives a pickup, she does donuts on the ice

D                                                            C                     G
All the guys, they come around, just hoping she’ll drown

D                                                                          C                        G
But even when she’s going down, she can’t say nothing nice

D                                             C                      G
Says, “I swear to god, I’m too big for this town”



A                        G
Jane, oh she’s an outlaw

A                  D
Jane, she’s such a catch

And make sure you end all staccato on the “such a catch” finish and then mute your strings so it’s nice and crisp and clean. If you’re any good, everyone will finish at the same time.

Listen here and see if it sounds the same (or better!):